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Mass Change Manufacturing Bill of Material for Production

This scope item covers the material and component change-master-controlled mass change process of one or more manufacturing bills of materials (BOMs). To control the replacement date of the follow-up component or material, you first create a date effectivity-controlled change master. When you start the Where-Used List application with the component or material to replace, all BOMs are listed. To replace the component or material of one or more manufacturing BOMs, the BOMs must be selected. The change number is used to manage the phase in date. 

The change process is followed by the production process, which uses one of the changed manufacturing bills of materials in the respective change-master validity period.

Key Process Steps Covered

  • Create change master
  • Change change master
  • Exchange a component in the manufacturing BOM
  • Confirm the component replacement for the manufacturing BOM


  • Control the exchange of components in a BOM for production with change master
  • Plan future changes for components or materials with date effectivity support

Where is Mass Change Manufacturing Bill of Material for Production(3LP) being used?

This Scope item is used in the following way:

  • As a core function of Production Engineering within Manufacturing Scope Item Group

No Process Flow details available for scope item Mass Change Manufacturing Bill of Material for Production(3LP)-S4H-OP-2009
Ref: Manufacturing of S4H-OP-2009

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