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Production Capacity Leveling

This scope item supports both Discrete and Process Manufacturing capacity leveling functionality for their demands. You can determine the industry type and displayed data under the app settings. The process of production capacity leveling represents a central part of preparation for the manufacturing process of components.

After you forecast a demand for finished goods represented by Planned Independent Requirements (PIR) and the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) run created a production plan, the process of capacity leveling (scheduling) takes place.

This process enables production planners to assign orders and operations from the production plan to available timeslots of capacities. Additionally, the planners can simulate and choose other alternatives for production by assigning other available production versions, letting the planners schedule the best option for their manufacturing.

Key Process Steps Covered

  • Dispatch production order or process order
  • Change production version


  • Dispatch orders to available time slots of work centers or resources
  • Redispatch to alternative production versions

Where is Production Capacity Leveling(3LQ) being used?

This Scope item is used in the following way:

  • As a core function of Production Planning within Manufacturing Scope Item Group

Process flow of Production Capacity Leveling (3LQ)

Find below the process flow of the scope item Production Capacity Leveling as it is defined for release S4H-OP-2009.


Ref: Manufacturing of S4H-OP-2009

Best Practices related to S/4HANA

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