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Advanced Resource Management – Project-Based Services (1KC)

Advanced Resource Management – Project-Based Services (1KC)

For a resource manager, Resource Management for Project-Based Services allows you to monitor and manage resource utilization and the staffing of resource requests for project roles, ensuring optimal resource utilization and efficient project staffing.

The SAP Fiori apps provided for this scope item allow you to efficiently manage your resources while monitoring incoming resource requests. The apps assist in finding resources with free capacity and assign them to suitable resource requests. Open resource requests that require staffing are displayed, to identify and fill staffing with suitable resources.

Key Process Steps Covered

  • Create assignments quickly as requested by the project manager
  • Include skills from other assignments in skills matching
  • Calculate the availability match percentage based on the monthly distribution of required hours and free hours
  • Show the resource utilization on the top-level bars in the Gantt chart or change the time period directly in the assignment board app


  • Gain transparency in resource utilization and the status of resource requests
  • Monitor the most requested project roles
  • Match available resources and open resource requests based on suitability
  • Manage change in resource supply and demand quickly and dynamically by creating, changing, and deleting assignments
  • Attain an up-to-date overview of current resource assignments in a Gantt Chart
  • Provide optimal resource utilization and efficient project staffing

Additional Information

  • This scope item requires an additional SAP S/4HANA Cloud license

Where is Advanced Resource Management – Project-Based Services(1KC) being used?

This Scope item is used in the following way:

  • As a core function of General within Professional Services Scope Item Group

Process flow of Advanced Resource Management – Project-Based Services (1KC)

Find below the process flow of the scope item Advanced Resource Management – Project-Based Services as it is defined for release s4hc-2108.


Ref: Professional Services of SAP S4HC-2108

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