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Recurring Services (4X5)

Recurring Services (4X5)

This scope item covers the creation of maintenance plans in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, as well as scheduling and service order creation. Maintenance plans can be set up to release the service order automatically when you create the service order or let the user release the order manually afterwards. Service order items are copied from the service order templates that are assigned to maintenance items in the maintenance plan. A released Service contract item (Scope item 3MO) and Service order template (Scope item 3D2) is the prerequisite for this scope item.

The Service Order Management (Scope itemĀ 3D2) is the follow-on process for further processing the Service order such as planning, releasing, time and material confirmation, billing, and order completion.

The completion date is updated automatically in the maintenance plan either upon completion of service order or manually by the user. Updating the measuring counter reading is an optional step during confirmation.

Key Process Steps Covered

  • Create maintenance plan
  • Schedule maintenance plan (individual/mass)
  • Create a service order
  • Assign service team (optional)
  • Release service order line items (optional)
  • Change service order (optional)
  • Release service order
  • Receive confirmation against the service order
  • Post the time sheet against the service technician and expenses incurred automatically based on the confirmation
  • Cancel the confirmation along with the follow-up documents (optional)
  • Release the service order (for fixed-price services) or confirmation (for time and material services) for billing and automatic creation of billing document request
  • Copy procurement costs automatically in the confirmation, based on posted supplier invoice or purchase order for billing to the customer for time and material services
  • Create a billing document from the billing document request for invoicing the customer
  • Analyze service order fulfillment (optional)
  • Update measuring counter reading (optional)


  • Provide the functionality for regular maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Cover single cycle time / counter-based and multicounter plans
  • Support individual scheduling and mass scheduling via background jobs to trigger service orders with or without release
  • Provide the functionality for planning and execution of services
  • Post time-sheet and expenses automatically based on the confirmation

Where is Recurring Services(4X5) being used?

This Scope item is used in the following way:

  • As a core function of Service Operations & Processes within Service Scope Item Group

Process flow of Recurring Services (4X5)

Find below the process flow of the scope item Recurring Services as it is defined for release s4hc-2108.


Ref: Service of SAP S4HC-2108

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