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Service Monitoring and Analytics (43B)

Service Monitoring and Analytics (43B)

This scope item helps the customer service manager ensure on-time service delivery by monitoring incomplete or overdue service orders. This scope item also helps to compare the average repair time per product.

The customer service manager must also know how many service contracts will expire soon. The customer service manager can compare and view the service contracts from various dimensions, such as total contract value and profit margin. The customer service manager can also trigger actions to renew them.

This scope item helps to display and monitor a variety of issues in service contracts and service orders. It supports a detailed analysis of the issues by displaying the results by issue, service transaction, country, region, and sales organization. You can use various chart types, mini charts, and filters for analysis, monitoring, discovering additional information, and focusing on certain data, such as service transactions.

The manager can use the flexible analysis apps to analyze service orders and service contract-related KPIs in multidimensional reports.

As a sales manager, you can use the Order to Cash dashboard to analyze incoming and open service orders.

Key Process Steps Covered

  • Review service contracts for expiry or renewal
  • Review service contracts by contract value and profit margin
  • Verify situation handling alerts for expiring service contracts
  • Review overdue service orders
  • Review incomplete service orders
  • Monitor average repair time by product
  • Use flexible combination of dimensions to analyze service contracts and service orders
  • Analyze service order and contract issues
  • Review order-to-cash dashboard – Incoming sales and service


  • Provide a graphical overview of key service process data to gain insights into the current service situation
  • Display detailed information that helps to examine and analyze data across various dimensions
  • Provide an overview of service order or contract related issues
  • Combine sales and service data in the Order to Cash dashboard, providing a more holistic view of the business

Where is Service Monitoring and Analytics(43B) being used?

This Scope item is used in the following way:

  • As a support function of Service Master Data & Agreement Management within Service Scope Item Group

No Process Flow details available for scope item Service Monitoring and Analytics(43B)-s4hc-2108
Ref: Service of SAP S4HC-2108

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